Veture teh Vod - Starting to Fixing Things

Just a quick bump here as to what I'm doing.

When I set up VtV to release on itch I made it so I can easily push updates and fixes, and I even intentionally left some really obvious bugs so I could have an easy way to exercise that.

Last night I pushed a fix to the aspect ratio, it was locked at 4/3 which means if you aren't on a VGA CRT (what I created the game on originally-- it's really that old) it would look squashed. That's fixed now, it should be the right perspective at any resolution. The UI is still broken in this regard, so squares are not quite square. Maybe that's an easy fix-- maybe not!

Another critical fix is when you land at planets, it will currently lock you in whatever building you enter if you still have a CommLink active. My fix for that will be to shut down your CommLink when you enter a building. Ideally the CommLink could stay active since e.g., you might be browsing a catalogue but this will fix it for now.

I also want to make a video showing some of the basics. There's actually a lot of interesting things in the game but you might well feel a bit lost in it.

Longer term goals are to start modernizing the render engine. I want to make changes that will affect the appearance drastically, more or less treating it as a kind of canvas to experiment with some ideas for art, generation, and so on. In order to do this I need to make a jump from OpenGL 1.2 to OpenGL 3.3 which is actually a larger jump than it even sounds. Fortunately I have a huge codebase in 3.3 from my recent work so I will be bringing that in. But this is all kind of far off still.

Since the changes I'm planning are going to be more and more drastic, I'll keep old versions available as I go along. Not *every* old version but the 1.3.0 is sort of "frozen" at the state the game was originally released in; so a person could always go back, download the installer, and play that version. Important because of the amount of changes I'm planning to make, someone might grow attached to the earlier version!

Lastly- I've sold a few copies and I think a few more free downloads-- all those make me incredibly happy. Thanks to everyone sending me well wishes and tweets, and those playing the game too! It feels good to just have it out in the world again :)


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