Venture the Void 1.5.0 - How to keep your saved games

This update is a shader compatibility test.

It replaces the OpenGL 1.2 fixed-pipeline renderer for the starfield with an OpenGL 2.x shader-based one.

I would love to know:

  • Does the game run for you?
  • Do the stars look the same as earlier versions?
  • If no to either of the above, can you describe/take screenshots?

You need to do a small file copy to migrate your save games:

  1. Start the game normally
  2. Exit immediately
  3. Go to /Users/(Your name here)/AppData/Local/Venture the Void/
  4. From the sub-folder 6700/, copy savegame/,, and into 6701/ (which should now exist)
  5. DON'T copy the world.*/ or files
  6. Start the game again, you should have your saved games

Sorry about that! I had to change an internal data structure and it resulted in any existing cached data files crashing the game. This was the best reasonable solution.

Happy Spacefaring,


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Version 10 Feb 01, 2020

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The game runs for me, and as far as I can tell the stars look identical.  Here's a comparison of the stars in the two most recent versions:

Woot! Huge thanks-- this really does give me confirmation that probably what I'm doing here is going to work; the starfield was just an initial test, the simplest thing I could convert so I started there. I've heard from one other person so far and it works for them too, so I think I'm good to go ahead and covert the rest of the game to render this way. After that, I can start to make the visual changes I really want to do.

I'll have a chance to take a look at this tomorrow.