CommLink bug fixed

Just a quick update here!

There was a really bad bug where if you had CommLink open and you entered a building, or vice-versa, one or the other would become unusable and you'd have to exit the game. Pretty bad because both entering of these things are essential to the game. 

Fixed now!

This was on my list to fix (along with aspect ratio) ASAP once the game was out. Aspect ratio is also now mostly fixed, I'm guessing there are still a few places maybe to do with different lens effects or whatnot, and the UI is a whole other ball of wax and might have non-square squares for awhile (I haven't tried fixing it yet, but I will.)

Side note: I have funny strategy for releases, which is to pick a known bug and for yourself to release with that bug still existing. Typically I'd pick a minor bug but since VtV is for now intended as an "in development" project I decided the CommLink and aspect ratio bugs were OK to release with, even though the CommLink one was a bit game-breaking (I tried to post about this on the game page up front though!)

The reason for this is it helps avoid falling into a never-endig whirlwind of perfectionism. I think perfectionism is always an illusion! There is a saying, "the perfect is the enemy of the great." An artist once told me that they had a philosphy to "always include a flaw in your artwork, otherwise you'll anger the gods."

I've had some other great bug reports come in (thank you!) Probably the best place to send them is to tweet me @PsySal if you can, otherwise the comments page for the game is just fine. I'll try and create some kind of forum and maybe even a bug tracker. I do keep myself extremely well-organized these days so rest assured if you let me know of a bug, it makes it onto the list.

Thanks again everyone supporting and enjoying the game!


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Version 3 Apr 20, 2019

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