1.5.5 - Huge invisible code refactoring

Huge update, months in the making! It doesn't improve or change anything at all :P

I did a ton of refactoring to make the code base more managable. This update includes those changes. Please tell me if you hit new bugs-- I will try to fix them.

There *is* one bug fix, I can't remember the details but there was a certain type of trainer that didn't work properly, this should work now.

Venture the Void is Cancelled, Well Sort-Of

In the end, I've decided not to chase my original plan to completely re-make VtV from the inside out. You can read more here: https://kittylambda.com/?p=dev_blog_2021-08-19_vtv_canceled

I definitely need to pivot away from VtV for a little bit. The other projects (Paradise Never, RAPALA) are both progressing much better than this turned out to.

However, this code refactor *does* make things possible in the future. More modest things than I had originally planned, but things nonetheless.

I need to push this change out both for closure on this work, but also so if I come back to this work I can start where I left off.

Some Git Stats On My Work Since April-ish

Again, this was truly a huge code refactoring; a bunch of this is automatic search and replace but to get a sense:

$ git diff --shortstat 1.5.4
 2306 files changed, 130520 insertions(+), 155433 deletions(-)
warning: inexact rename detection was skipped due to too many files.
warning: you may want to set your diff.renameLimit variable to at least 497 and retry the command.


venture-the-void-win64.zip 278 MB
Version 15 Sep 08, 2021

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So happy you still work on this.