1.4.4 Fixes, Flying Into Outer Space Tutorial

Pushing a 1.4.4 release today-- I accidentally pushed a couple updates without the fixes in place, so if you saw the game update a couple times already please hang tight, the "real" 1.4.4 should be coming soon.

Fixed in this version:

  • Doctors work
  • You can do quests that tell you to visit the Merchant's Guid (choose "Catalog", for some reason... catalogs themselves are disabled)
  • Other things I can't remember; probably other gameplay fixes and maybe more aspect ratio fixes
  • Started to bring in new rendering code so I can start modernizing; not active yet

On the list to fix is... lots... but including the screenshot key, which is saving something weird on windows, hence the strange title images :) I might make the screenshot key a bit more robust and put it in the release version, as well.

Also made a new tutorial video, Flying Into Outer Space:


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Version 7 May 04, 2019

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