1.5.1 - New World File "Tenebrae"

Today's release will include a new world file, "Tenebrae". Other than that, it's identical to 1.5.0.

About Tenebrae:

  • The world generation parameters are the same as for Zephira; only the seed is different.
  • This means it will be about the same size/difficulty as Zephira, but all new content.
  • To play it, create another new offline game and pick this world file. For instance if the title screen says, "[>] Scooty in [>] The Wonderverse", start by clicking "[>]" next to "The Wonderverse". You'll need a new character for it, but that won't delete your other character.

Planned Work:

  • I will be updating VtV at the end of each month, at least for the next few months.
  • These updates will probably *just* be new world files.
  • In parallel to this, based on feedback from 1.5.0, I'm starting work converting all the rendering code to use shaders. The game is pretty reliant on fixed-pipeline OpenGL, and my eventual goal is to change the look of the game drastically anyways, so I probably will not be preserving the look of the original game. However, this work will happen on a "beta" branch and I might or might not release it-- so for the time being, the look of the game will continue to be the same, and new world files will be released. Once the shader work is done, it might invalidate the existing world files. Either way it will be a big change, but it's a ways off. And after *that*, I'll start to transform the entire appearance of the game, which is where it will hopefully start to get interesting. 

I am also working on a collaborative, creative roguelite "RAPALA". A very spartan "movement demo" will release mid-March for this, don't look forward to it *too* much though, it will be pretty uninteresting. I am just wanting to solicit feedback at this point.

Finally, work on Paradise Never continues slow but steady. Believe it or not! :) Very happy with how it's turning out but one reason for RAPALA and VtV is that I realize PN will take some time to finish, and I want to get some other things out in the meantime.

Happy Spacefaring, and look for 1.5.1 later today!

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