Fixed: Vaccines, Dialog Traps, Aspect Ratio

I've been picking away at this fixing things and then pushing updates; before I launched I made sure I had a "press one button to update the release" thing and it's been really great. It's so easy for me to fix something and then get it up on reliably, now! The butler tool is really a key part of this flow.

Recent fixes:

  • Some aspect ratio stuff. In general there is a lot of hardcoded 1.333:1 in the game; the user interface stuff is (by far) the hardest to fix here but fortunately also the least important to the overall look/feel of the game (square buttons would be nice, one day, however.) I've fixed some things here e.g., with lens flares and how the cities look
  • Did some valgrind testing, fixed a couple things. There is a crash bug in Windows, that isn't solved yet but I did take a crack at it with valgrind, an amazing tool for finding this kind of thing. It didn't find anything definite on the Linux build but a couple small things I fixed. Probably fixing the sporadic Windows crash bug is my first priority.
  • Vaccines work. There was a bug in their effectiveness.
  • Some "dialogue traps" fixed. If you find yourself in a room and there are no dialog options, please let me know! Just tell me the system/planet/city/building/person you were talking to, I can probably reproduce and fix it easily.

Other than that, I've just been reorganizing and cleaning up code as I go along. Lots of work there but it's all very relaxing!


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Version 5 Apr 24, 2019

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